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Austin, TX – It is common for people to be told that they should get legal advice after any motor vehicle accidents. However, for those who have never had to file a civil negligence lawsuit before, it may not always be obvious what the lawyer will do and how this process works. An overview of some aspects of the case that the attorney handles can be beneficial at this time. 

The initial consultation

The attorney client relationship starts only after the client and the attorney come to an agreement regarding representation. This normally begins with a meeting or consultation where the client can ask questions and the lawyer explains their services more thoroughly. It is also at this time that the lawyer can start to give more specific details about how the case will proceed based on the person’s specific situation.

The discovery process

There is a fairly large volume of information that the lawyers need to exchange after the case is filed. This can include things like accident reports, medical documents and records, pictures, and any other documentation or evidence that is relevant to the case. In many civil lawsuits, this is one of the longest aspects of the case, especially if there are many items that need to be sent to the other side.


A deposition is essentially just recorded testimony before the trial. Sometimes witnesses may be questioned before the trial to give the lawyers notice of how to prepare for trial or settlements. A deposition is taken in a formal setting with counsel present, and the person should be truthful in their answers, as the recorded deposition can be used for impeachment if the witness changes their story at trial. 

Settlements and trials

The last phase of any lawsuit is either a settlement agreement, or a jury verdict at the end of a trial. It is much more common for the case to be ended with a settlement, as this a much less time consuming and expensive way to end the case, and there is no risk of a total risk as with a jury coming back with a verdict for the defendant at the end of a trial. The lawyer should be experienced in settlement negotiations, as auto insurance companies will probably attempt to offer small settlements and other delay tactics to save money. 

Accident lawyers are available in Texas

Robson Law Firm is a law practice that focuses on accident cases in the Austin area. Their attorneys are available to provide advice and representation throughout the course of a lawsuit.

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