Three things to know about accidents caused by defective motor vehicles

Merrydale, LA – Some car and truck collisions are not due to the fault of the driver but problems with the vehicle itself that are not discovered until it is too late. There is an entire area of tort law known as products liability that deals with defective automobiles and other items that are released by manufacturers with serious safety issues. After an accident happens, an attorney should be consulted to obtain a detailed overview of how the manufacturer may be implicated in a lawsuit. Here are a few basic pieces of information about how the major vehicle manufacturers may be sued and related matters. 

The vehicle manufacturer can be held responsible

When an auto accident is investigated, it is possible that there will be evidence uncovered regarding defective vehicle parts. The manufacturer usually issues a widespread recall and attempts to fix these kinds of issues as soon as they are uncovered. However, anyone who was injured by these problems will have the ability to hold the manufacturer responsible through a products liability lawsuit. This is because vehicle makers and other kinds of businesses can be held responsible for injuries to consumers as long as the product was being used for its normal intended purposes when the incident happened. 

The error may have been a one time problem or an improper design

In products liability law, there are generally two types of problems that result in accidents. There are manufacturing errors where one vehicle had a specific problem that caused or contributed to the accident and associated injuries. It is also possible that an entire product line was created around faulty design that was later discovered to be a problem. In either of these scenarios, there are various companies involved in these processes that can potentially be implicated in a products liability lawsuit. 

Damages are similar to standard negligence cases

In tort law cases for negligence or products liability, the victim can ask for compensation that reflects their specific injuries. This includes their medical treatment expenses, lost income and wages, as well as projected future costs related to their injuries and inability to work as normal. Lawyers can also ask for pain and suffering compensation related to the person’s quality of life losses and mental health. 

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