Los Angeles, CA – Multiple news sources reported that Tiger Woods was injured in a car collision in California early in the morning of February 23rd. 

Legendary golfer sustains leg injuries 

Preliminary reports stated that the renowned 45 year old golfer was involved in a single vehicle accident in Los Angeles County, California. The official statement from local law enforcement said that the incident happened near the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes at approximately 7:00 AM PST. The area is known to be a dangerous stretch of downhill road that is prone to speeding and accidents

When emergency personnel from the county sheriff’s department arrived, they had to forcefully remove Woods through the windshield area of the vehicle with the Jaws of Life. He had to be taken for immediate treatment for injuries to his legs. While specific details about the extent of the injuries were not available, a source from the local police told the media that the injury was not expected to be life threatening. His social media accounts updated fans later at night to say that he was awake and responsive, but still recovering from a procedure that mostly focused on his ankle and lower leg on the right side. Police on the scene also said that there did not seem to be any indication that Woods was impaired by either drugs or alcohol. However, they did believe that his vehicle was likely going at a high rate of speed, due to the fact that the SUV crashed through a median, a welcome sign for Rolling Hills Estates, then rolled over several times before coming to a complete stop in an area near the roadside. The county sheriff added that the front end and exterior of the vehicle had severe damage, but the inside of the vehicle was still in good condition and the airbags deployed. 

Woods had recently been treated for back issues two months earlier, and he was in surgery for his leg problems from the crash at UCLA Medical Center in the hours after his vehicle rolled over. 

Remedies for car crash victims

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Getting legal assistance after a collision

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