Winter is the time when many injury insurance claims are filed and many cases are brought to light by accident attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
When the snow comes down inches at a time, many employees are lucky enough to stay at home before having to return to work. Snow storms and other hazardous winter weather conditions are sometimes so bad, it’s as though the city is placed on pause until the storm passes. But while the average citizen isn’t required to go out in these horrible weather conditions, certain jobs do require that employees continue working, regardless of the freezing temperatures. Jobs like firefighters, police officers, medical personal, utility company personal, and snow removal employees all have to face the harsh weather conditions, even when others don’t.

accident attorneys in Wisconsin

Accident lawyers in Milwaukee can help any victim obtain the maximum settlement for the injuries they have sustained.

Therefore, in an effort to help reduce the number of work-related accidents that occur in Wisconsin, especially those during the winter time, below are some tips the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have put together which have been provided by Property Casualty 360.
Staying Safe on the Roadways During Winter
Employers can help reduce the number of accidents that occur on the roads by ensuring that their workers are aware of the conditions, are trained properly to drive in these conditions, and have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle they are expected to drive. Any worker who is out driving during hazardous winter weather should always have an emergency kit on hand.
Work Zone Traffic Safety
Many employees who are required to work when the conditions say otherwise often find themselves injured in auto accidents as drivers are more prone to skidding and losing control of their vehicle. To help prevent accidents that occur in work zones, employers need to ensure that these areas are properly setup with signs, cones, barrels, and barriers to help protect their workers.
Know What to do If Your Vehicle Gets Stranded
It can happen to anyone, but it often does when the weather is at its worst. Employers should train their employees on what actions to take in the event they get stranded. Some of the suggested steps include staying in the vehicle and calling for emergency personnel, notify their supervisor, display a trouble sign, and run the vehicle’s heater for periods at a time to stay warm but conserve gas.
To get a full run down of all  the other tips that can help keep workers safe during winter, visit
What should I do if I suffered an injury while at work?
Accidents happen all the time but are more common when hazardous conditions are present. If you recently were involved in an accident, whether it was at work or on the way to work, call USAttorneys today and get connected with a reliable accident lawyer in Milwaukee, WI. There is a specific claims process that must be followed and you want to be certain that all your pain, suffering, and other forms of damages are dually noted so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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