Tips for Avoiding Accidents in Work Zones in Kendall, FL

Work zones have proven to be extremely dangerous for workers and drivers and are often a cause of serious and fatal accidents. But the truth is, many of the accidents that transpire in or nearby to work zones can be avoided if drivers take certain precautionary measures. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration offers a few tips on how drivers can avoid accidents when driving through work zones, some of which are shared down below.


  1. Stay alert and minimize distractions.

Drivers should be dedicating all of their attention to the roadway, especially when driving through work zones, which means they shouldn’t be doing things like changing the radio, checking their phone, or engaging in conversation with other passengers in the vehicle.


  1. Keep headlights on.

Because headlights help drivers navigate the road and alert workers when a vehicle is approaching, they should be used when driving through work zones during early morning and late-night hours. Headlights should also be on when it is raining or when the weather conditions permit it.


  1. Pay close attention to the road.

Work zones can sometimes be difficult or confusing to navigate through which is why drivers should pay attention to any signs that aim to help them get through it. In addition, drives must also pay close attention to the brake lights of the vehicles ahead as these serve as an indicator of when traffic might be slowing or stopping.


  1. Merge into the correct lane.

When road work is being performed, drivers are sometimes required to merge into lanes they normally wouldn’t drive in. However, it is very important that they do to prevent from riding in the wrong lane and potentially colliding with another vehicle.


  1. Never tailgate.

Drivers should be following the vehicles ahead of them at a safe distance. This gives them time to react when traffic slows or stops.


  1. Obey the speed limit.

In all work zones, the speed limit is reduced as there is usually heavy equipment and workers nearby. Speed limits must be obeyed as it can help reduce the chances of an accident occurring.


  1. Follow instructions provided by any flaggers.


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