Being a defensive driver in Pittsburgh doesn’t exactly mean you are exhibiting signs of anger or engaging in road rage, rather you are implementing tactics that will help keep you and your passengers safe as you combat against reckless drivers and inclement weather. Hence, you are defending yourself from the hazards that lie on the roadway ahead of you. And as we have recently witnessed, the winter weather has definitely made driving conditions much more difficult for motorists to operate their vehicles in.
So, how can someone drive defensively in the winter time? What are some things that can be implemented in the winter that aren’t already being applied at any other time of year? Well, some of the tips mentioned below can actually be applied at any given time of year, however, some will only need to be used when slippery and icy conditions are present.
Below we provide you and your loved ones with some ways to be a defensive driver this winter season.

  1. Carry your emergency kit with you at all times. It should contain things like jumper cables, fix-a-flat, emergency flares, a spare tire, a car jack, and a flashlight as you never know when the unexpected accident might arise.


  1. Be sure all the snow and ice is cleared away from your vehicle before traveling. According to Penn Live, if a piece of ice or snow is dislodged from your vehicle and strikes another vehicle that results in a death or injury, you could face a fine between $200-$1,000 possibly more in the state of Pennsylvania.


  1. CBS Pittsburgh even suggests taking a course in winter driving techniques. As winter conditions continue to make driving more difficult, it can’t hurt to brush up on your skills. And if you have a teen who is new to driving, perhaps a winter driving course would benefit them as teen drivers are already at a higher risk of engaging in an accident than any other age group. If you are interested in taking a course, the Pittsburgh International Race Complex offers this service.


  1. Check your tires. Your vehicle’s tires are what connects it to the road which means they should always be properly inflated, balanced, and aligned. If your tires are worn or that red light keeps popping up signaling your tires need air, why not go and have your vehicle inspected and possibly even have your tires replaced to avoid increasing your risk on the roadway.

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