According to city statistics, 20 fatal car accidents were reported in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2013. Unfortunately, the total number of collisions far exceeds this figure. Even when an auto accident does not result in death, it can still contribute to serious injuries that can affect victims for the rest of their lives.
Several factors can contribute to a collision on the road, including unfavorable weather conditions or freak mechanical mishaps. However, as Little Rock auto accident lawyer Sheila Campbell with the Law Offices of Sheila Campbell knows all too well, the vast majority are caused by driver negligence. In Arkansas, reckless driving is responsible for the majority of fatal car accidents, according to an article on Business Insider. Reckless driving can include a number of actions, such as improper lane changes, driving over the speed limit, and any other behavior that demonstrates a driver’s lack of regard for safety laws and the well-being of others.
When a driver fails to abide by proper safety laws, they (and/or their insurance companies) may be held liable to pay for the victim’s accident-related injuries, including hospital expenses and lost wages, along with costs pertaining to property damage. Understanding the difference between an accident resulting from unforeseeable circumstances and those that are caused by someone’s negligent actions can make all the difference when filing a personal injury case.
Below are some of the top causes of auto accidents in Little Rock that victims can file a personal injury case for:

  • Speeding – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding is the leading cause of automotive accidents, accounting for roughly 34 percent of freeway collisions and 22.6 percent of non-freeway crashes. Speeding can lead a driver to lose control of their vehicle and can also drastically intensify the injuries that can be suffered in a collision. When speeding results in injuries or wrongful death, victims and surviving loved ones have a right to turn to a car accident attorney Sheila Campbell to file a personal injury case.
  • Intoxication – After speeding, alcohol and drug use were found to be a primary factor contributing to motor vehicle accidents. Those who are found guilty of intoxicated driving can not only be held liable for personal injury damages, but are also likely to suffer criminal charges, which can lead to imprisonment.
  • Distraction – While on the road, drivers are responsible for paying close attention to their surroundings. When a driver is distracted, whether because they are talking on a cell phone, texting, having a conversation with a passenger, or even changing radio stations, they may fail to notice other vehicles and pedestrians, and cause a serious crash. Since distraction is a form of negligence, victims of a distracted driving accident can also file an injury case.

Car accidents that are caused by the careless actions of a driver can be entirely avoided. It’s important that anyone who has been hurt or lost a loved one due to driver recklessness in Little Rock turn to a law firm like for assistance in filing a claim so they may obtain justice for their pain and suffering.

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