Want to know how you and your loved ones can avoid an accident this winter season? If so, you might want to take into consideration some of the winter safety tips we have compiled together using information provided by safekids.org so that you and your family don’t put yourselves in a compromising situation that could lead to an injury or death. Although it is nice to breathe in a breath of fresh, cool, air, the winter season also brings with it some hazards that our accident lawyers in Denver, CO believe you should be aware of.

What are Some Winter Safety Tips I Can Implement in the Car?


  1. If you are looking to warm up your vehicle before taking it out for a drive, be sure to pull it out of the garage and onto the driveway to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is never advisable to leave a car, truck, or motorcycle with its engine running inside of a garage.
  2. Before pulling off, check your tailpipe to be sure it is not blocked with snow. This can cause problems with carbon monoxide as well as a blocked tailpipe prevents the gas from exiting the vehicle.
  3. When buckling a child into their car seat, be sure you buckle them without a jacket on. Puffy and oversized jackets prevent a snug fit, meaning that the safety belt might not be holding your child securely in their seat. In the event of an accident, they could come flying out. And rather than have your child freeze during the car ride, you can always place the jacket back on them once they are properly buckled into their seat.


Winter Safety Tips to Implement While at Home


  1. Does your home have a carbon monoxide detector on each level? If not, consider installing one near sleeping areas, but at least 15-feet away from fuel-burning appliances.

  2. If you have a baby, keep their crib free from stuffed animals and extra blankets. Be sure their mattress has a tight-fitting sheet on it to reduce the chances of them being covered with a thick or heavy blanket they won’t be able to get off of them when it comes time for the family to go to sleep.
  3. Have a home fire escape plan in place in the event you and your family need to get out if a fire breaks out. With the heater running and the fireplace going, there is an increased chance of a fire developing so it is always a good idea to discuss an evacuation route with everyone living in your home.

Because some accidents are still going to occur, even when caution is being exercised, it is also a good idea to know who to call for legal advice. USAttorneys.com works with top of the line accident lawyers in Denver, CO who can provide you with guidance on how to handle your recent accident, whether it occurred in your home or in your vehicle. In the event an incident arises or one already has, call USAttorneys.com today to be connected with a legal representative in your area.

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