Head On Collision

Albuquerque School Bus Tragedy Spurs Legal Action

In an alarming incident in February 2022, a drag race in Albuquerque, New Mexico, culminated in a catastrophic crash involving a school bus full of middle school students. The accident, which occurred at the intersection of Gibson and Messina, led to serious injuries among the students, including a broken pelvis and head trauma.

Collision Details and Legal Developments

The school bus, navigating north on Messina, was struck by a Mustang driven by Mario Perez, who was allegedly engaged in a street race. Following the accident, Perez faces significant legal challenges, including 17 counts of child abuse related to the injuries sustained by the students. His legal team, however, is pushing for a dismissal of the case.

Civil Suit and Contested Accounts

Parents of the injured children have filed a civil lawsuit against both Perez and the Albuquerque Public Schools. In this suit, an attorney representing the plaintiffs pointed out that the bus driver admitted to visibility issues caused by trees while crossing Gibson. This factor, along with the vehicle speeds involved, plays a crucial role in the ongoing legal dispute.

The Role of Albuquerque Attorneys

In such intricate legal cases, the role of Albuquerque, New Mexico accident attorneys becomes crucial. Their expertise in navigating the multifaceted legal landscape surrounding accidents is invaluable, particularly in cases involving multiple parties and severe injuries.

Expertise of New Mexico Accident Attorneys

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Importance of Accident Attorneys

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Finding Competent Legal Assistance

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As the legal proceedings continue in the aftermath of the Albuquerque school bus accident, the significance of expert legal representation is highlighted. Attorneys play a pivotal role in guiding affected families through the complex legal process, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected in these challenging circumstances.