Tragic Accident in Rochester New York on Saturday Morning

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Rochester, N.Y. witnessed a tragic incident as the sun rose on Saturday morning, leaving a community grieving over the loss of a life due to a devastating crash in Penfield. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Deputies swiftly responded to the scene, where the remnants of two SUVs intertwined with sorrow. Within the wreckage, they discovered a life extinguished, a name yet unknown, casting a somber shadow over the day.


Reflecting on the incident, Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Lieutenant Andrew Soike expressed concern over the frequency of accidents that plague Empire Boulevard, urging travelers to exercise caution. He emphasized the crucial importance of maintaining appropriate speeds and unwavering attention while navigating the road’s twists, turns, and treacherous hills.


Recognizing the urgency to investigate the incident thoroughly, the authorities temporarily closed off the stretch of Empire Boulevard between Winton Road and Plank Road until 2 p.m. The closure allowed the dedicated deputies to meticulously gather evidence and shed light on the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking accident.


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