10-year old Jonathan A. Chatham passed away in a tragic accident that occurred while his parents and other family members were present. The boy was a little hero who had already fought and beaten cancer but was unfortunately killed when he was hit by his school bus. The community of Whitley County has been left shocked and speechless after the tragic accident. Witnesses included Chatham’s family members, students that were occupying the bus and others.

It looks like God really wanted this boy near him.
The Kentucky State Police Department are still unable to figure out how the boy was struck by the bus. Reportedly, Chatham and a few other students got off the bus when it stopped but Chatham was hit by the bus when it started to move again. A few witnesses said Chatham got off the bus and almost stepped into a ditch on the road. He then darted away from the ditch and into the path of the bus. That is odd.
Investigators have made it clear that the bus-driver, 33-year old Amanda Woliver, was not under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. She was not impaired in anyway. No charges have been pressed as of yet and it seems unlikely in the future also. A police officer stated that the driver wasn’t at fault and that the event was nothing more than an unfortunate accident which has deeply saddened everyone.
Investigators are determined to understand what exactly happened and how it happened by reenacting the incident.
58-year old woman killed in accident, family files wrongful death lawsuit
Fontaine Jeffrey, 58-year old mother, succumbed to injuries sustained in a fatal accident. She was pronounced dead soon after she was brought into the university hospital. The official cause of her death was cited as blunt force trauma.
Jeffrey was attempting to cross Jefferson Street when she was hit by a tow-truck. She fell onto the road because of the initial impact and was then hit by another car and dragged several feet.
The Jeffrey family has filed a lawsuit through their accident attorney alleging wrongful death. The lawsuit claims that the tow-truck driver was speeding and out of control when he collided with Jeffrey, it also accuses Jeff Woods, a WHAS TV sports reporter, of not stopping to help after he had hit and dragged the woman along Jefferson Street.
Good is seemingly good to go; not so much for Woods
The tow-truck driver, Matthew Good, remained at the scene after the accident, unlike Woods. Good said he witnessed Woods stop and get out of his car after the accident but then he proceeded to get back in the car and drove away without rendering aid.
The lawsuit has been filed against WHAS TV News, Jeffrey Woods, Matthew Good, and the tow-truck company. The complaint seeks punitive damages by a jury trial. Just because you sue someone does not mean you will win. The tow-truck driver does not seem to be at fault. Did Jeffrey have the right away?
Kentucky car accident rules and regulations
According to Kentucky accident attorneys, the state of Kentucky is what is called a “choice no-fault” state when it comes to car insurance and matters regarding road accidents. This basically means that if involved in a car accident, the party will claim insurance coverage from their own insurance providers irrespective of who is at fault for the accident. Kentucky state laws also give residents the choice of opting out of the “choice no-fault” kind of insurance and obtain the usual tort-based insurance coverage.
Another important guideline on the subject has to do with the statutory time limits for filing a claim after an accident. The law allows a maximum of one year (from the day of the accident) after which you cannot file a personal injury claim and a maximum of two years (from the day of the accident) after which you cannot file a property damage lawsuit. Local lawyers know these regulations, and a fantastic local lawyer can be hired through USAttorneys.com.

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