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Tragic Collision on US Highway in Colfax County

In a distressing development, a severe road mishap unfolded in Colfax County, east of Raton, New Mexico, on the evening of Friday, February 9, 2024. The incident, which involved a commercial semi-truck and a Dodge Ram Pickup, resulted in grave consequences, including a fatality.

The Fateful Incident

At approximately 5:21 p.m., emergency responders, including the New Mexico State Police, Colfax Sheriff’s Deputies, and Raton Fire and Emergency Services, were dispatched to the scene of the accident on U.S. Highway 64/87 near milepost 355. Preliminary investigations revealed a slow-moving 2022 Ram pickup truck, operated by Kiustyn Martin De La Torre, 41, of Florida, was unexpectedly rear-ended by a 2024 semi-truck driven by Talon Green, 29, of Texas. The pickup, with its emergency flashers on, was struck for reasons yet to be determined.

The Aftermath

Tragically, an infant occupant of the pickup truck succumbed to injuries at the scene, a heart-wrenching outcome confirmed by the Office of the Medical Investigator. Four other passengers in the pickup were urgently transported to MCMC in Raton for medical attention. The semi-truck driver also received treatment for minor injuries. This accident prompted a temporary closure of the eastbound lane of US 64/87, causing significant traffic disruption, especially among semi-truck drivers.

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