Tragic Grain Bin Accident Claims Life of Balaton Man


A tragic incident occurred in rural Balaton, Minnesota, where a local man lost his life after being trapped in a grain bin. The Murray County Sheriff’s Office reported that Bruce Andrew Larson, 48, was the victim of this unfortunate accident, which took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency Response and Rescue Efforts

Emergency responders from several area agencies were dispatched to the scene at the 700 block of 211th Street in Murray County. Upon arrival, they found that Larson was completely submerged in grain, and those present at the location were unable to locate him. Despite the swift response, extricating Larson from the grain bin proved challenging.

The Balaton Fire Department and Ambulance, Tracy Fire Department, North Memorial Air Care, and the Marshall Fire Department all collaborated in the rescue efforts. Medical personnel on the scene attempted lifesaving measures, but unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful, and Larson was pronounced dead.

Details of the Incident

According to a news release from Murray County Chief Deputy Bryan Bose, preliminary information suggests that Larson entered the grain bin to install additional grain handling equipment. During this operation, Larson became submerged in the grain and was unable to escape. The exact circumstances leading to this tragic accident are still under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

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Community Impact and Ongoing Investigation

The Balaton community is undoubtedly shaken by this tragic loss. As the investigation continues, it’s important for community members to support one another and stay informed about safety protocols in agricultural operations. The collaboration between different fire departments and emergency services highlights the importance of a coordinated response in such critical situations.

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