An accident involving two large vehicles, a train and an 18-wheeler truck occurred in the northwest area of Houston last week on Saturday afternoon, as reported by

Bad move driver
According to police reports and witness statements, the 18-wheeler unwisely attempted to cross the rail road before the passing of the train and did not make it in time. The train ended up railing into the rear portion of the truck.
Thankfully, no fatalities or injuries have been reported in the accident which occurred on Hempstead Road in West 43rd Street. The accident site has been left ruined as the contents that the truck was transporting were spilt all over the area as a result of the impact of the crash.
Official: car -pedestrian and car – bicyclist crashes have risen in the recent past in Houston
Numbers don’t lie and in this case the numbers prove that Houston is becoming increasingly more dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists alike as more and more pedestrians and bicyclists are being killed every year for the past five years, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.
The statistics have now caused a sudden worry for city authorities and has put them in a quandary. They currently deliberate what action they could possibly take to deal with this newly found danger.
According to dedicated Houston accident attorneys who can be found on the incredible website, the number of accidents where motorists have collided with pedestrians today is a staggering seventy one per cent higher than what it was five years ago in 2010.
Auto accident laws in Texas
The number of car crashes that occur these days is significantly higher than what it was a decade ago. This is despite huge technological advancements in the fields of vehicle safety and construction of roadways and infrastructure. The reason there are so many more accidents on the roads of Texas, and everywhere else, is simply because the number of cars operating at any given time is incredibly more than what it was 10 years ago.

At this point, it is almost inevitable that a person will come across at least one accident (minor or major) throughout his or her driving lifetime. Hence, it is very important for all Texas residents to be aware of some of the laws and legislations which surround the issues of auto accidents and personal injury claims.
According to superlative Houston accident attorneys who can be found right here, we need to understand that Texas is a fault state. This means that it will be determined in a court of law or mutually as to which party was at fault in the accident and the subsequent damages they are liable for. For this reason, the state has also implied minimum mandatory auto insurance requirements for all drivers.
There are many other finer legal technicalities which come into play when determining who was at fault and also in getting the hesitant insurance companies to pay up. To be able to get through all of these without too much hassle, it is always prudent to appoint an experienced and concrete Houston TX accident attorney and you can find one by clicking right here.

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