Traverse City area government decides issues related to road maintenance and funding

Traverse City, MI – Civil liability for accidents can happen in unexpected ways. Local governments of counties, cities, and towns need to be mindful of their roads and various spaces that can become the scene of an incident. People who were injured can potentially try to sue the government at these times with the assistance of an accident lawyer.

The Traverse Ticker reported on discussions related to a closed section of roads north of Traverse City on Old Mission Peninsula [1].

Potential road closure and liability is a focus of local government

The road section in dispute is on Bluff Road. The local government is deciding whether to decertify that section, which would have various legal consequences related to its maintenance and whether it could be used for public travel. There are also financial concerns, as the closed section has already been in disrepair for years, and it would cost over $3 million for all the necessary repairs to be made. Further complications during the repairs could be due to the fact that that the road is close to the water in an area that is prone to erosion and water damage. 

There were specific concerns raised regarding legal issues related to liability for any accidents that could happen on the road. A road that is no longer maintained and closed off can potentially become a hazard for pedestrians and drivers. However, if the road was decertified, motorists are not supposed to travel on it, while pedestrians and cyclists still could. 

Road conditions and civil lawsuits

Some accidents are caused by things like deteriorated pavement, ice and snow that was not cleared properly, or obstacles caused by improper construction and maintenance. These things can potentially affect drivers, and they may be relevant in a negligence lawsuit. If there is evidence that the state of the road was a factor in causing a crash, local governments, construction companies, and anyone else responsible for the road conditions can potentially be implicated as a defendant and have to pay out damages. 

This kind of liability also explains why decisions related to road closures and public access can be crucial for a local government who wants to avoid being implicated in a civil injury case if someone was to get hurt. 

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