Victims of car accidents often don’t know how to react because of how shocking and traumatic their situation is. It’s never straightforward to have to go through something as scary as a car accident, but victims should know that there is a way for them to get compensated for the damages they suffered. When the accident is entirely the fault of the other driver, a person is entitled to claim more to make up for everything they have lost. Whether these losses are of an economic nature or a non-economic nature.

Anyone involved in a car accident needs to make sure they report the collision to the police if the damages they suffered were significant. This usually means that if a person suffered $1000 or more, and if there were any injuries at all, a police report must be filed as soon as possible. Even if the accident was not a person’s fault, it is their responsibility to make sure they report it and failure to do so could result in legal penalties later on down the road.

Before connecting with the police, it’s always better to reach out to an attorney who specializes in dealing with car accident cases. The reason why a person should talk to a lawyer before the police is because everything a person says to the police will be placed on record. If a person uses the wrong wording, or they fail to mention an important point, this could create complications later on if matters escalate.

It’s always in the victim’s best interest to speak with a legal representative as soon as possible. In nearly all cases though, most people wait to see if they can handle things themselves and only call a lawyer when it’s already too late and they have already given an accidental misstatement or failed to secure essential information and evidence.  A car accident lawyer will help a person from the very beginning and make it easier for them to get their legalities handled efficiently.

Preserving evidence after an accident in Traverse City, MI

Anyone injured in a car accident will have to collect as much evidence as they can to prove that the accident was caused by some form of the negligence of the other driver. The best way to preserve evidence is to write down everything as it is happening and to document matters to the police as well as take videos and pictures of everything that comes up during the site investigation.

Get in touch with an accident attorney at the Neumann Law Group today to learn more about filing a car accident claim and to get help preserving evidence and conducting a thorough investigation to prove fault.

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