Renato Velasquez is a 47-year old truck driver who was involved in a fiery crash that killed one person and severely injured another on interstate 88 in 2014, according to a CBS Local report. If you are hit by someone who was practicing terrible driving judgment and are in need of legal help, is the site for you. This site has a list of striking attorneys ready to hear what you have to say.

Velasquez was found guilty of fatigued driving and exceeded the legal maximum number of hours for continuous driving of a commercial vehicle. Velasquez entered the court-room just minutes before his hearing was scheduled and was flanked by family members.
Velasquez showed very little responsibility
The accident happened on January 27th, when Velasquez’s truck rammed into other vehicles that were parked on the shoulder of the highway. The chain reaction killed Illinois Department of Transportation employee Vincent Petrella and gravely injured Illinois State Trooper Douglas Balder.
Balder who has successfully recuperated from his injuries was present during the hearing and spoke to the media after the verdict, he seemed generally displeased with the sentencing. He remarked that the driver had gotten away with murder. Prosecutors were trying to get Velasquez on an involuntary manslaughter charge which would entail a six year prison sentence.
3 years for killing someone
On the other hand, Velasquez’s accident attorney was trying to procure a reduced probation sentence. In the end, the Judge balanced out the two extremes and declared that Velasquez was guilty of fatigued driving and sentenced him to three years in jail.
Female passenger of car files lawsuit against driver and two local bars
Samantha Smith has filed a lawsuit through her accident attorney seeking compensation for damages over $50,000. According to the legal complaint, Smith sustained considerable injuries to her face which required surgical treatment resulting in expensive medical bills. She also wants to be compensated for legal fees and attorney fees.
As per Madison Record, the lawsuit describes the driver of the car, Welmon, as a reckless driver. The plaintiff claims that he failed to avoid the accident which was preventable in a number of ways. He did not stop, reduce speed, or change direction before smashing into a sign and flipping the car several times.
Em’s Tavern and Pourhouse Bar & Grill have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit. They have been accused of violating the Dramshop Act by allowing Welmon, a habitual drunkard, to become intoxicated.
Illinois High School Association attempts to dismiss ridiculous lawsuit
In November of 2014, a lawsuit was filed in a Circuit Court which asked for new mandates to govern high-school football games so as to minimize risk of head injury and also to enforce better medical treatment, according to a Daily Herald report.
Marion County IL accident attorneys say that the Illinois High School Association finally responded to the lawsuit by filing a petition in the Cook County Circuit Court to dismiss the lawsuit completely. The Illinois High School Association has requested the judge to disregard the lawsuit as they are already doing everything in their power to protect football players from head injuries.
Cheerful Children and Women in a Photo with Concept of Sports
The petition says that the mandates laid out in the lawsuit are financially damaging and will adversely affect high-school football throughout the state if approved. The petition further claims that the general idea of a lawsuit should be to encourage sports and make them safer and not to cause the demise of the sport itself.
The people that complain about football are the ones who do not play and probably do not even watch it.

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