Truck drivers who cause accidents in West Palm Beach may be responsible for various types of payments to victims

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West Palm Beach, FL – Trucking companies have drivers who operate their vehicles for hours at a time and drive long distances every day. Because of the reality of fatigue and other forms of human error after spending long periods of time behind the wheel, truck drivers can cause serious accidents that cause catastrophic injuries. 

Trucking regulations

There are a number of rules and regulations related to the number of hours that a driver can be on the roads in a day, when they must take breaks, the size and dimensions of vehicles and cargo, and licensing requirements for commercial drivers. Because it is possible that one or more rules were violated during the collision, the plaintiff’s attorney may use evidence of these trucking regulations and the condition of the vehicle or driver to show negligence in the moments leading up to the collision. 

Lawsuits against truckers in Florida and damages

Both the parent business and the individual truck driver are sued when a commercial vehicle causes a collision. Negligence lawsuits essentially argue that the defendant person or business was not careful enough and caused various losses to the victims involved due to this reckless or careless behavior. 

If the plaintiff’s lawsuit is successful, they will have to pay the victim’s medical costs, including hospital stays, visits with specialist doctors, and continuing treatment. These are all factored into economic damages. Other types of economic damages can include the costs of property repairs, lost wages and income, and missed future employment and career opportunities. Non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering can also be substantial when a victim is permanently harmed. 

Comparative negligence in Florida

Florida’s negligence laws are favorable to those who may be partially at fault for their own injuries due to the doctrine of comparative negligence. This means that fault can be divided between all drivers involved to equal one hundred percent, and there is no amount of fault that will completely stop a driver from bringing a civil case against the others involved. If a jury finds a driver to be partially at fault, their damage award is reduced according to their level of fault. The specific numbers and amounts can be difficult to estimate, so it is best for accident victims to receive a more thorough explanation of comparative negligence and their specific case from a personal injury attorney

Advice from local personal injury attorneys in Florida

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