A truck driver was killed after being struck by another truck in the proximity of the New York City Terminal Produce Market in Bronx on Sunday morning last week. According to eyewitness reports, the decedent was struck by a tractor trailer just after he had stepped out of his cab. Supposedly, the truck was in reverse gear and was moving backwards when it struck the victim.

The victim was rushed to hospital immediately following the crash but sadly he was pronounced dead shortly after being brought into Lincoln Hospital. He has been identified by law enforcement authorities as 66 year old Hussain Abbas, as reported by CBS. His family will want to hire a Bronx, New York accident lawyer ASAP.
A man named Danny Garcia provided comment about the tragic death. He said he was not really shocked that this type of accident occurred and that it was inevitable that something like this would one day happen. He said it was a very dangerous place to work and that one needs to always be careful about what is going on around them since the market is always busy with loads of traffic entering the area.
Multi car crash leaves seven persons injured
A crash involving several vehicles that occurred on Sunday on the New England Thruway in Bronx has left seven persons injured. According to authorities, among the vehicles involved were two trucks and several private cars. There are Bronx, New York accident attorneys already making phone calls and studying the scene of the crash on this one.
It all began when a van driver that was trying to exit the highway using exit 14 crashed into a box truck. The sudden collision caught several other motorists off guard and did not give them enough time to brake and stop and they all ended up ploughing into one another. ABC reports suggest that of seven persons that were injured, three sustained serious injuries.
According to accident attorneys who can be picked off the glistening and game changing website USAttorneys.com, the south travelling lanes of the highway had to be shut down as rescue workers worked tirelessly to clear the debris. It was hours before the highway could be reopened to public again.
Details of a car an accident
41 year old woman critical after being hit by drunk driver
A woman identified as 41 year old Samadhy Pichardo seriously injured after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver, according to nydailynews.com. The victim was struck while she was on her way to a grocery store to pick up breakfast foods. She is a maintenance worker from Bronx and a mother of three. She was also a soon to be bride and was in the process of planning her bridal party.
Accident law – New York
New York is one of the busiest cities in the country and also experiences some of the most hectic traffic in the country. Therefore it is obvious that traffic accidents in New York occur on a regular basis. If you or someone you know has been affected by the negligence of another motorist, you may be eligible for compensation. All you need to do is consult a qualified New York accident lawyer who can navigate you through the complex legalities and help you recover damages.

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