But CNN is wondering if we should blame him for the train crashes then?
After all the promises President Donald Trump made during his campaign, it is safe to say he feels pretty confident in the change he has brought to the U.S. Sure, we can give the President credit for deporting residents who have lived here for 30 years or allowing U.S. Customs Border and Protection to enter a Greyhound bus with no warning, demanding papers from innocent people. But, can we say that President Trump is the real reason why there have been fewer plane crashes?

With the Good, Comes the Bad President Trump

If Trump truly wants recognition for the years our country has gone without plane crashes, although he just hit his one-year milestone as president, or for the success we have seen in the stock market, shouldn’t he take the credit for the times that have gone wrong? That is the recent question CNN has posed.
Perhaps Trump doesn’t think so.
Back in January, Trump issued a statement saying, “Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news—it was just reported that there were zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!” While confidence definitely key to being President of the United States, we can’t forget that “there actually haven’t been any US commercial airline deaths for nine years.” So, how much have his efforts done? There have been, however, four train accidents that have left several dead and dozens wounded.

But, President Trump hasn’t commented much on that except when he sent his condolences to the families who lost a loved one or the people who have suffered an injury. He did, however, promise that he would be making improvements on US infrastructures. He said in his State of the Union address that he would spend $1.5 trillion it, but “has not said how his administration would pay for the improvements and further, he hasn’t said what, if any, of that money would go to improving train safety.”
Whether we want to agree that President Trump has made some contribution to no plane crashes, that is at your own discretion, however, we can’t negate from the fact that accidents of all types are still occurring. Car, truck, train, and motorcycle collisions continue to claim the lives of many on a daily basis, leaving victims suffering from life-threatening injuries. So, while it is nice to recognize a decline in one type of accident, we can’t forget to acknowledge all the others that are still transpiring.
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