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Tragedy Strikes Tucson: Two Lives Claimed in DUI Collision

TUCSON, Ariz. – The quiet streets of Tucson were disrupted in early July when Jessica Belen Felix and Raul Zepeda Gonzalez Jr. became victims of an alleged drunk driver’s reckless decisions. Raul tragically lost his life on the spot. Jessica, however, battled for a month at the hospital before succumbing to her injuries on Aug. 10.

Families Demand Justice

As the Felix family grapples with their loss, they emphasize that healing goes beyond acceptance. Their cry for justice takes various shapes: awareness campaigns, advocacy, and, importantly, ensuring that the person responsible faces the consequences of his actions. Despite the overwhelming pain, Jessica’s brother, Adam Felix, made their stance clear, saying, “Justice needs to be served. You’ve got to do time. It has to be given fairly, not just easily.”

Loved ones remember Jessica as “Missy.” Adam described the devastating impact of her loss, stating, “Right now it’s just crushing for all of us and I know we’re all feeling it the same.”

On that fateful morning of July 9th, officers rushed to the scene of the accident. They found that 22-year-old Julian Anselmo Sosa had veered off his lane, causing a head-on crash. Court documents reveal a grim truth: Sosa confessed to having consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

The Impact of One Decision

Jessica’s sister, Virginia Felix, voiced her anguish, “You don’t even know first of all what you took from me. You took my only sister, my kids their only aunt, like it just hurts so much.”

But even in their darkest hours, the Felix family has found solace in the community’s embrace. “The love and support has been tremendous,” Virginia noted, citing generous donations and acts of kindness. Yet, beyond support, the family’s message is clear: drivers need to exercise caution. With 131 vehicle-related deaths recorded in Pima County this year, Virginia’s plea reverberates, “There’s hundreds of families that are going through this right now. My sister and Raul aren’t the only ones that have been killed.”

Sosa, with no prior criminal record, now faces severe charges, including manslaughter, aggravated assault, and DUI. The death of Jessica might further escalate the charges against him. For the Felix family, justice can only be realized when Sosa is held accountable for both deaths. Virginia emphasized, “There needs to be justice for Missy and Raul and I feel like I won’t stop until there is justice for them.”

Legal Implications Loom

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