California – March 2, 2021

A catastrophic motor vehicle accident on a California highway has left at least 15 people fatally injured, after an SUV crashed into a gravel truck, according to California authorities.  Fourteen individuals died at the scene and another person succumbed to injuries at a regional medical center.  The catastrophic outcome may have occurred because there were 27 people packed into the SUV when it crashed into the truck.  Jake Sanchez, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, said that the Ford SUV had a maximum legal capacity of seven to eight people.  An experienced personal injury attorney can explain how deviations from legal capacity may impact the case, and work with families suffering from the loss of a loved one.  A truck accident attorney can answer questions regarding options for damage compensation after personal injury and property damage result from a multi-vehicle crash in California.

Fault determination.

Trucks, even those that are not commercial carriers, or semi-trucks, can cause more extensive damage because they are still larger than most passenger vehicles.  In some crash situations, the difference in height can result in significant property damage to a vehicle.  Cargo load can add to catastrophic injury if the vehicle has more weight, causing more damage upon impact, such as the weight of a gravel truck.  California is considered a fault, or tort state with regard to motor vehicle accidents and the no fault portion of a driver’s insurance may address immediate expenses surrounding medical visits and burial expenses.  A California accident lawyer can review a driver’s policy to collect information to secure immediate payments until insurance claims and/or legal actions can be processed.

Negligent parties.

When an accident involves multiple parties, a preliminary investigation of fault must be undertaken.  The results of that investigation will determine what parties can be sued for damage awards, based on negligent acts that will need to be proven.  Insurance and wrongful death claims can be processed against all parties, but some companies may not pay when it is determined that a policy holder was not at fault for the accident.  Personal injury attorneys can guide legal action after responsible parties are identified.  If drivers allow over four times the legal passenger capacity, they are breaking California law.

Statute of limitations and legal consultation.

In California, the statute of limitations for motor vehicle accidents is two years, starting on the date of the accident, unless the accident resulted in the death of the victim.  A personal injury attorney can apprise victims of any deviations from standard time limitations for each case.   An experienced attorney who is familiar with California motor vehicle and insurance laws should be contacted  at the Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates as a viable resource toward comprehensive damage recovery.


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