Atlanta, GA- A recent Atlanta crash left two people in critical condition after they collided with a pillar on I-85 recently and their car burst into flames. Fortunately for the car’s occupants, Atlanta police arrived on the scene soon after impact and rescued both men from the burning wreckage.
Car Catches Fire After Slamming into Concrete Pillar in I-85
The single-vehicle accident occurred on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, on I-85 at Cheshire Bridge Road. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that car carrying two men plowed into a pillar and their car burst into flames. When police arrived, the flames were beginning to reach the occupants, so they had to spring into action and free the victims from the burning wreckage.
Both men were rushed  to the hospital in critical condition.
The officers who arrived on the scene are being hailed as heroes because they risked their own lives, as police often do, to save the lives of the occupants.
The cause of the crash has not been reported.
Automobile Crashes and Fires
Luckily, car fires are rare following a traffic crash. Car crashes only account for 4 percent of car fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. That’s the good news, but collisions and rollovers were responsible for one in five auto fire deaths.
It’s important to note that your auto insurance policy isn’t going to cover a car fire unless you have comprehensive coverage.

Burn Injuries
Burns are among the most painful injuries a person can suffer. A severe burn can take months to heal and cause disfiguring injuries. In bad cases, burn injuries are debilitating, leaving a victim unable to work or support themselves.
Types of Burns
Below are the three types of burns and their characteristics according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
First degree- First-degree burns affect just the first layer of skin and feel like a sunburn. These injuries are easily treated.
Second degree-Second-degree burns affect the second layer of skin. These burns are painful and are often accompanied by blisters, redness and possible loss of skin.
Third degree-Third-degree burns affect all layers of skin. These burns are often painless and cause blisters. A suffer can quickly go into shock.
Sadly, burns can be fatal when they are a higher degree and cover vast areas of the body.
Treatments and costs associated with severe burns include:
Emergency transport
Repeat wound cleanings
Intensive care
Long-term hospitalization
Skin grafts
Plastic surgery

The costs of burn treatment alone can be costly. Unfortunately for car accident victims, they may incur other injuries that add to their costs, and recovery time. A car accident victim, whether they suffered a burn injury or not, will face medical expenses, property repair costs, and lost wages. In addition to the monetary costs, accident victims are in physical pain and experience a great deal of emotional distress.
Contact an Accident Lawyer in Atlanta
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