Two Pedestrians Killed on Minneapolis- Area Freeways

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Approximately 10 percent of pedestrian fatalities in the U.S. occur on highways, and forty percent involve pedestrians crossing lanes of travel.

Minneapolis, MN- A collision between a car and person is usually going to turn out worse for the pedestrian. When struck by a car, a pedestrian is more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries especially if a motorist is traveling at high speed.

Recent Pedestrian Crashes on Minneapolis-area Freeways

The Star Tribune reports that in the past few weeks two pedestrians were killed on Minneapolis-are freeways. The latest accident occurred on April 28th on I-494 near Oakland Road around 1:15 a.m. The Star Tribune reports that a 31-year-old man crashed his car on the side of the highway. He survived the crash but was struck and killed when attempted to cross the highway for an unknown reason.

Another fatal pedestrian accident occurred Thursday, April 27th on Interstate 35W. Police say a 60-year-old woman stepped onto the freeway where she was struck by a passing motorist. Police don’t know why the woman stepped onto the freeway and didn’t know if she even saw oncoming traffic because she was wearing a hoodie, the Star Tribune reports.

Pedestrian Accidents on Freeways

The American Automobile Association estimates that 10 percent of fatal pedestrian crashes occur on highways. The association estimates that 40 percent of the pedestrians killed are attempting to cross lanes of travel. Over 18 percent of these crashes involve a pedestrian pushing a stalled vehicle.

In Minneapolis, like many cities, it is illegal to walk along the side of a freeway because they are likely to be hit and killed. If you breakdown on the highway, you should stay and in your car and avoid crossing any lanes unless necessary.

Minnesota Pedestrian Laws

According to Minnesota law, drivers are required to yield to pedestrians no matter where they are crossing a roadway. Pedestrians have the right of way at intersections, marked crosswalk and areas of the road that don’t have a designated crosswalk. Motorists are required to come to a complete stop cannot proceed until the pedestrian is completely out of the way.

Pedestrians Do Not have the right of way if the suddenly step off a curb into the path of a vehicle without giving them time to stop. Pedestrians must yield the right of way if they are at an intersection with a traffic light and pedestrian walk signal.

Victims of Pedestrian Crashes Should Speak with an Accident Lawyer

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