Two police officers die in helicopter crash in Erwinville

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Erwinville, LA – When the police are in pursuit of a suspect who is in the process of committing a crime, this can be dangerous for both the people involved and any bystanders around the area. Sometimes, individuals who have nothing to do with the situation can become victims if there is an accident. There is also an increased risk of danger to the officers involved. 

Depending on the outcome of the situation, anyone who is injured may file a civil lawsuit for compensation. Personal injury cases following an accident allow the victim to ask for compensation for medical costs, lost income, and other damages. 

According to KTBS, two individuals were confirmed to have died after a helicopter crashed into a cane field in a rural area in Erwinville [1].

Helicopter crash during police chase results in two officer fatalities

The incident happened in a sparsely populated area of West Baton Rouge Parish on a Sunday morning. The helicopter had apparently been assisting with a police chase in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. The crash wreckage was recovered in an area off of North Winterville Road near U.S. Highway 190. 

A review of the flight data showed that the helicopter started its journey at Baton Rouge Metro airport approximately 2:30 am that day. The crash happened in the field about twelve minutes after takeoff. However, no one knew about the accident until several hours later when the pilots did not return home after their shift had ended. 

A Federal investigation is scheduled to take place, although the preliminary reports say that the weather seemed to be clear at the time and was not a factor in the crash. A direct cause of the crash was still unknown at the time of the report.

The two deceased pilots were officers of the Baton Rouge police department, although they are uncertain if anyone else was in the helicopter at the time of the crash. The type of helicopter that was used is a common model for law enforcement, and the same model has been in regular use since the 1990s. 

The mayor of Baton Rouge issued a statement asking for community support and in recognition of the service of the fallen officers.  

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