St. Louis, MO accident attorneys highlight details from this recent crash and another below.       

It was early Friday morning when 35-year-old Roland Hagood and 38-year-old Jeffrey Goodwin were involved in a fatal truck accident. According to Fox 2 Now, the two were driving on Missouri Highway 47 when Goodwin, who was behind the wheel of a sports utility vehicle, crossed the center line and hit Hagood’s pickup truck head-on. Officials stated that both men died at the scene of the crash. Police did not indicate what caused Goodwin to veer out of his own lane and into the lane of oncoming traffic.

25-Year-Old Woman Killed in Head-On Collison in St. Louis

A similar accident occurred earlier in the month of March that left one woman dead and another sent to the hospital requiring medical attention for the injuries she sustained. Fox 2 Now reported on the accident and highlighted that 25-year-old Brittany Cole of Arnold crossed over the center line of Tesson Ferry Road near the intersection of Suson Hills Drive, striking another vehicle head-on. Cole, unfortunately, did not survive the crash.
With two of the same type of accidents occurring within a few weeks of each other, not only is it important to recognize how dangerous the roadways are but also what causes these types of collisions so we can work to prevent another one from transpiring.

What are the top causes of head-on-collisions?

A head-on collision is when a driver either hits another vehicle head-on or an immobile object such as a pole or a building. Many head-on collisions can be devastating to a person and/or their family as they tend to be fatal. Some common causes of head-on collisions include:

  1. Failing to adjust your driving when inclement weather is present. Whether the conditions are cold, warm, or rainy, you need to adjust the way you drive to the type of whether you are experiencing. For instance, if there is a torrential downpour, it wouldn’t be wise to speed or veer in and out of lanes. Driving in the rain has proven to be rather difficult and if you are traveling at a fast rate of speed and struggle to see, you could wind up going into a lane containing traffic heading in the opposite direction and cause a head-on crash.


  1. Driving while fatigued. Did you know that drowsy driving is a factor in almost 10% of crashes [Source: CNN]? Not only is your judgement impaired when you drive while fatigued, but your reaction time decreases dramatically. You also run the risk of swerving off of the road and into oncoming traffic. And in most cases, you aren’t physically capable of maneuvering your vehicle out of the way before you hit another car head-on.


  1. Distracted driving. Texting while driving or engaging in any other type of behavior that deters your attention off the roadway is a setup for failure. It only takes a few seconds for your vehicle to swerve into the lane of another car and causing a head-on crash.


accident lawyers in St.Louis,MO

Head-on collisions are caused by a number of different things including driving while distracted, texting, driving while under the influence, ignoring traffic signals, etc.

Head-on collisions along with all other types of accidents are tragic, but a majority of them are preventable.
And if you were recently involved in a vehicular accident in St. Louis, MO that was preventable, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim where you can demand that compensation is paid out for your medical bills, lost wages, and even the suffering you experienced as a result of the crash. To locate a nearby accident attorney in St. Louis who can explain the process to get this accomplished, call today.

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