Two John Jay High School students were recently sent to the hospital after suffering from serious injuries they sustained when a vehicle hit them. According to News 4 San Antonio, Liliana Schouten-Hernandez, 18, and Cordell Boyd, 18, were standing on the corner of the 7600 block of Marbach Road in front of the high school waiting to cross the road when a 2016 Toyota Corolla drifted onto the sidewalk. The car hit the two teens and then crashed into a crosswalk pole.
Both teens were transported by EMS to University Hospital and the driver of the Corolla was also taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. The mother of the driver who happened to be in the passenger seat at the time of the accident stated that her son appeared to have a seizure right before the crash. Although this hasn’t been confirmed as the reason for the crash, the San Antonio Police seem to think something else might have contributed to the accident occurring. Upon searching the vehicle, police came across an open container and the officer’s claimed they smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath. A blood warrant was issued and the motorist was expected to be processed for two counts of intoxication assault.
Although the news source did not report whether the parents of the teens planned on taking any sort of legal action, they may want to speak with a San Antonio accident attorney to become aware of what their rights are in the matter. And if your teen or another family member was recently injured in a collision, consider contacting the accident lawyers at The Begum Law Group today. If you want to recover compensation for their injuries or find out how these attorneys can help address the problems you may already be encountering because of the accident, these lawyers are the professionals you want to speak with.

Three-Year-Old Drowns at Swim School Event

In other news, we are learning that a three-year-old recently died while attending an event called “Date Night” that was held at the Love to Swim School in San Antonio. On February 10th, parents were invited to bring their children out to the school and leave them there to enjoy a Saturday date night, according to The 3-year-old who has been identified as Mitchell Chang, “was found unresponsive in the deep end of a pool around 8 p.m.” and was pulled from the water where staff began to perform CPR. Emergency medical services were called and Chang was transported North Central Baptist Hospital where he later died.

accident attorneys in San Antonio

If your child was injured in an accident that could have prevented, consider speaking with a San Antonio accident lawyer who can you determine if you have a viable personal injury case on your hands.

The staff that was on duty the night of the accident has resigned and Love to Swim School issued a statement to the press giving their condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the family who lost a child.
Losing a child to an accident that was preventable is tough and often times, parents look for ways to obtain justice for this loss they now are forced to live with. If you lost a child to an accident recently or they suffered a life-threatening injury, again, consider contacting a San Antonio accident lawyer at The Begum Law Group by calling 210-819-5342 to further discuss your matter with a professional who wants to help you.

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