A horrific accident in the state of Mississippi area between an 18 wheeler and a pickup truck caused a great amount of devastation and one death.

Tractor trailer and pickup truck drive straight into each other

Both the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office responded to an emergency call about an accident in the area. At around 3:45 pm on a Thursday they got a call about an International tractor trailer and a Nissan pickup truck that struck each other. The crash happened on Carter Hill Road near MS 49. An initial investigation shows that the pickup truck was going northbound, then drifted over the center dividing line slightly, and went into the tractor trailer that was going southbound. The two vehicles went into each other head on, which was what caused the severity of the impact. 

A spokesman from the local department of public safety released a statement about the damage. He said that there were two men in the Nissan pickup truck. A 30 year old male driver in that vehicle was found dead on arrival at the scene. A 19 year old male passenger was in the vehicle with him, but he had to be airlifted to UMMC due to the serious nature of his injuries. 

The driver of the tractor trailer was a man from Greenwood who needed to be taken to Baptist Medical Center for treatment. He sustained serious injuries as well. He was the owner of the tractor truck that was involved in the accident. 

Photos of the scene show the larger truck and the pickup truck both completely ripped in half. There was an ongoing investigation related to the crash.  

Getting assistance after a truck crash

The most important thing to do in the immediate aftermath of a truck accident is to contact the police and emergency medical services if necessary. This will create a formal record of the incident and get immediate assistance to any people who may need it. The accident report will also be important for insurance and legal purposes. If someone has died, there are important steps that can be taken later as well.

Civil accident cases that result in death

When someone dies in a motor vehicle accident, there is an opportunity for a family member to file a civil case against the person or business responsible. This can be done whether criminal charges are filed or not. The state’s wrongful death statute provides specific guidelines related to which family members can bring the case against a defendant. 

Speak with a local accident lawyer

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