The month of March has started out rather rough as there have been numerous accidents occurring on Interstate 15, some being fatal. Patch reported one wreck that transpired that resulted in two vehicles flipping and one other catching fire. The accident involved at least three vehicles and blocked four southbound lanes on I-15 [Source:].
In other news, a U.S Marine was killed while riding his motorcycle on I-15 in San Diego [Source: Democrat & Chronicle]. Logan Parkhurst, 21, was exiting the highway around 6:30 a.m. when he struck the back of a car and was thrown from his motorcycle. Two other vehicles hit Parkhurst, one being a tractor-trailer, and he was then transported a local hospital. Sadly, his injuries were so severe that he later passed away. Parkhurst left behind a wife and the two had just celebrated their second anniversary earlier this month.

With St. Patrick’s Day Approaching, San Diego Drivers Need to Exert More Caution

Seeing that more and more accidents have been occurring as of recently in and nearby to San Diego, it is important that with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, you are extremely cautious and careful should you decide to go out. Many people tend to drink over this holiday weekend and while some are responsible and will plan accordingly so they don’t have to drive drunk, others don’t and increase the level of risk on the roadway.
So, below we share a few things to keep in mind that help you stay safe and avoid being charged with DUI:

  1. If you plan on drinking, make alternate plans for you to get home.
  2. Never let a friend drive who has been drinking.
  3. Download ride share apps beforehand so you can contact a company when it is time to head home.
  4. Know your limits.
  5. Never drive drunk or tipsy. Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Aside from drunk and distracted drivers, San Diego is expected to see some showers throughout the weekend which also contributes to accidents occurring. According to, the weekend forecast is as follows:

San Diego accident lawyers

If you want to avoid an accident this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, avoid drinking and driving or engaging in any reckless behavior that could contribute to a collision occurring.

Friday Night
Showers and temperatures around 54.
A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 61.
Saturday Night
A chance of showers, mainly before 11 pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 52.
So, should you decide to go out this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, be sure that you are driving with caution whether you are on your way out or heading back home. Perhaps you might even consider staying at home so you don’t run the risk of sharing the roadway with an intoxicated driver.
In the event you are involved in an accident or were already involved in one recently, remember to contact a San Diego accident lawyer so they can determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The accident attorneys at Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates are highly qualified and capable of helping you recover what you are entitled to and ensuring your rights as an accident victim are exercised. To contact this firm, simply call 619-233-8021.

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