The process of a car accident settlement and compensation starts when you collect information from the location of your car accident and beginning your case. The obvious end is when you receive your check for compensation for all your injuries as well as other damages and financial difficulties.
Presenting Your Claim
After gathering the necessary information immediately after a car accident, you should not present it to the insurance company to settle your claim, but wait until you fully recover from your injuries. When you file a claim, it is important to do so before the deadline as mentioned in the statute of limitations, which is two years from the time that the negligence claims accrues in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you are late by as much as one day, the court will dismiss your case and you will not be eligible to file it again. Therefore, it would be prudent to consult an experienced Philadelphia accident lawyer without further delay. You can find some of the best on this substantial and awesome legal website.
The Demand Letter
First, you should submit what is termed a “demand package” to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  This settlement package consists of all the documents you have collected to prove your claim along with a settlement letter to the insurance company. Your Philadelphia accident lawyer will help you with this to make sure it is done right if you choose to use one in this endeavor.
In the settlement letter, you ought to explain how the car accident occurred, why the policy holder of the insurance company is liable, every consequence of the accident, as well as how the accident and your own injuries have adversely affected your very life.
You should conclude the letter by informing the insurance adjuster the amount you are ready to accept in order to settle your claim. This is termed a “demand letter.” Your settlement letter should be thorough, well organized, authoritative, and also sufficiently supported by the necessary evidence to prove your claim.
The insurance company will then evaluate your claim and contact you with its response in the form of a phone call or a letter. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to as much as a month. If a response is not forthcoming even after a month, you should contact the insurance adjuster to find out the reason. The insurance company might respond by saying they owe you nothing by maintaining that you have not proven anything. In such a situation, it is important to contact a golden Philadelphia accident attorney immediately.
Two crashed cars
In case the “liability” is clear, the insurance company will respond by saying that they owe you much less than you have “demanded.” This is usually the beginning of a series of negotiations, which can be best handled by your legal representative. With proper preparation, and patience the process will result in a favorable settlement. As this process needs a lot of preparation and negotiations, don’t make the mistake of not engaging the services of a lawyer.
Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster
Insurance adjusters in general do not work for your interests. On the contrary, they are there to grant you as little of their company’s money. Therefore, do not be taken in by any friendly behavior on their part. Under the circumstances, you should demonstrate to the adjuster that you are well aware of the real settlement value of your injury claim and you are ready to be patient.
The Gauntlet has been Laid Down
Then you have every chance of settling the claim for a fair sum. You can always count on a Philadelphia accident lawyer to help get the best possible compensation you deserve. If you press right here, you can gain access to some of the best lawyers in this part of the state. The other side is coming in full tactical legal gear and hardware, how to plan on thwarting this legal assault?

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