Union College has grounded its gymnastic team and appointed an external team to investigate the cause of the accident that has left Heather Boulais the captain of the college gymnastic team with severe head injuries. She was placed under induced coma and is now mostly unconscious and can only communicate with small head and body movements.

Perhaps Cheerleaders should Wear Head Protection
Boulais was installing aerial skills when she fell 23 feet and sustained a head injury. Her life threatening injuries include a fractured skull. While she continues to recover and doctors treat her to reduce pressure in her skull, her parents are grateful that she has not suffered from many injuries to her body.
The college has decided to have a thorough investigation of the practices of the gymnastic team to determine the cause of the fall before letting the team practice again. Many colleges and universities across the country have grounded their gymnastics and cheerleading teams or banned certain activities in a bid to ensure student safety by preventing falls. This has led to less interest though in the sport since those particulars were the most captivating in their routines according to many folks who enjoyed watching aerial coordination and skill.
Boulais’ head injury has already forced the doctors to place her under medically induced coma for some time. Though she has been revived from this, she continues to remain unconscious for long periods and is not yet able to speak.
Head Injuries and Concussions
Accidents that result in head injuries and concussions are difficult to treat and diagnose as even x-rays and MRI scans do not reveal the full extent of the injuries. Moreover, some of the effects of the head injury can manifest even years later in the form of emotional problems such as depression. Though many patients recover over time, the injuries and changes can put pressure on the family and close relatives as the patient might require intensive help during the long recovery period.
Statute of Limitations
Nebraska has a statute of limitations for personal injury compensation cases. Those who miss the time limit will be unable to obtain any compensation as the court is likely to simply throw out the case. This means that the injured person or their family has to contact an experienced traumatic head injury lawyer about filing for compensation as soon as possible.
Determining Fault
Under Nebraska law, the injured person is entitled to compensation only if they were not a major cause of the injury. In the event that some of the fault for the accident can be ascribed to the injured person, then the state follows a proportional compensation scheme where the compensation awarded will be reduced by the share of the fault ascribed to the injured person.
Need for Experienced Accident Lawyer
When a person has sustained a head injury, they need to retain the services of an experienced accident injury law firm such as www.potterlawoffices.com who can consult with medical professionals and neurologists to determine the full extent of the injury before filing a claim for compensation. This is essential to ensure that the injured person obtains the full compensation due to them.

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