The gymnasium remains closed at the Union College campus and its gymnastic team remained idle while authorities investigate the accident that caused a team member to fall 23 feet down and injure herself severely on January 14th, 2014. She remains in a critical condition after receiving traumatic brain injuries in her fall.

Heather Boulais, a 23 year old major from Laguna Niguel, CA, was captain of the Union College Gymnastic Team. She was installing aerial gymnastic equipment inside the gym before practice started as usual, 23 feet above the ground when she fell and fractured her skull.
The hospital placed her in a medically induced coma by doctors at the Bryan West Campus. When brought out of her coma she remained unconscious being only able to communicate using facial and body movements.
Her parents Terry and Cheryl Boulais have said that doctors continue to regulate the pressure upon her brain, which is still in a serious condition as compared to the rest of her body which remained relatively unhurt.
Union College President Vinita Sauder has handed over the investigation to an external organization that will find out the details of the accident and make recommendations. The college will seek the advice of Lincoln, Nebraska accident attorneys to protect themselves from any unfair claims.
Colleges and universities ban stunts by their acrobatic and cheerleading teams
A slew of life threatening accidents and injuries have made education authorities across the country ban dangerous acrobatic stunts. Cheer Teams from Husker have been grounded. As has the Nebraska Athletic Department after cheerleader Tracy Jensen was hurt and paralyzed in an accident. Through her accident attorneys, she settled with the Nebraska University at Lincoln for a sum of $2.1 million.
The University of Florida has placed similar bans after an Orlando Magic cheerleader fell from the pyramid and injured herself.
Teenage Skateboarder Finds it Difficult to Pay Costly Medical Bills
A fifteen year old Lincoln High freshman remains uncertain about his future after a $200,000 medical bill that rebuilt his body and enabled him to walk again.
16 year old driver should pay – her parent’s car insurance is online here
It was a regular school afternoon for Zacary Clubb, who was waiting to be picked up by his father outside McDonald’s around 3:20 pm when a car lost control and pinned him against the restaurant wall. After the accident the 16 year old driver switched places with her 17 year old passenger/girlfriend and fled the scene only to be caught by the police later on.
The high cost of hospitalization and medical bills has Zac’s mother worried. The insurance payout of $25,000 and the uncertainty of the amount of claims from auto and health insurance have the family wondering how they will pay for Zac’s ongoing treatment. Why does this girl’s insurance not pay for it?
The local United Methodist church, Saint Paul plans to organize a fund raiser. Zac has returned to school and can attend one class per day and is way behind schedule on his homework and academic work. His mother, a trained social worker, is unemployed while his father is an auto mechanic. Zac’s doctors are optimistic that he will be able to take up skateboarding very soon.

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