Need Accident Lawyers in Utah?

Did you know that after you have been involved in an accident, there are certain timeframes you must file your lawsuit in to possibly gain the compensation you or your loved one deserves? That’s right. And if you fail to do so within this timeframe, you risk not receiving the funds necessary to cover the incurred damages brought on from the accident.

In the state of Utah, if you’re injured in an accident such as one involving a vehicle, you have four years to file your personal injury lawsuit. But, if your injury was caused by a government worker or on government property, the laws change. The Utah Courts highlight that an injury victim has only one year to file claim against the government and another year to appeal an initial claim that was denied. Government-related injuries go through a different process than your average personal injury case.

Therefore, if you are looking to file a claim against the government, you are going to want to contact one of our knowledgeable and reliable accident lawyers in Utah today. The clock is ticking and you are risking losing out on compensation each day you neglect to get your claim filed.


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All of the featured Utah accident attorneys on our site have years’ worth of experience in the field of accident law and can sit down and discuss with you the details of your case. Some of the things you want to consider are the following:

These are some of the things an accident lawyer is going to want to know which can help them form a plan of action as to what your rights are as an injury victim and what steps you may need to take to begin receiving compensation for the damages incurred.

You can give us a call today and an agent of ours will pair you up with a local accident attorney in Utah. You also have the option of browsing through the featured lawyers on our site and calling them directly. Once you make contact, you will be scheduled for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Your injuries aren’t something that should be put on hold or disregarded which is why you want to get your claim filed as soon as possible.