Did your mindset contribute to your construction accident occurring?
We have all been in situations where we are required to get a task completed in a short period of time or asked to do something that is not only physically strenuous, but also taxing on our minds. However, many of us take on the burden of getting whatever it is done, regardless of how it affects us. Sometimes, though, this can result in mental strain and effect our state of mind. And sometimes, our state of mind can be the contributing factor that causes our accident.
The field of construction is extremely demanding. Workers are required to lift and carry heavy objects, complete jobs out in the heat, and operate heavy machinery that could be hazardous if not done properly or with a clear state of mind. In many cases, these are some of the main causes of construction work accidents in the state of Utah.
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What are four states of mind that cause accidents in the field of construction?

Four states of mind that increase your chance of engaging in a construction work accident includes:

  • Rushing– When we rush, we often overlook intricate details that must be followed through with to avoid a mistake or fulfilling an important piece that completes a job.
  • Frustration– When a worker is frustrated, whether it is work related or brought on by a personal matter, frustration causes individuals to communicate poorly, have wrong or insufficient materials, and fail to follow procedures.
  • Fatigue- Being fatigued has been deemed as one of the leading causes of auto accidents. So, what does that mean for construction workers? If you are responsible for operating heavy machinery or being trusted by your peers to hold heavy objects, you risk your ability to do so which can then in turn cause an accident- and you may not be the only one affected by your jarred mental judgement.
  • Complacency- Being complacent means you are comfortable and less attentive. Someone who may have more experience might find themselves being laxer on a job where they should be putting forth maximum effort and attention. This false sense of security is yet another factor that leads to construction accidents occurring.

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Although your work accident may have been caused by fatigue or being frustrated, in most cases, a worker whose employer is carrying workers’ compensation coverage who was injured while on the job is eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits. This would cover your medical expenses as well as a portion of your lost wages for time spent away from work.
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