Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and motorists all are expected to share the roadway in Salt Lake City, Utah so that everyone can travel safety while decreasing the chances of having an accident occur. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and accidents do arise. Salt Lake City is the largest city in the state of Utah which means it is more prone to having incidents occur that involve cars, trucks, and even those who choose to travel by bike.
If you were involved in an accident on Interstate 15, 80, or 215 which are the major roadways that run through Salt Lake City, it is likely that your accident was serious and you possibly suffered from injuries that were life-threatening.  And even if your injuries were minor, it is important that after an accident, you seek legal advice from a reliable and trustworthy accident attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. only recommends those that possess these qualities.

Were you compensated for your injuries?

In most cases, once someone engages in an accident, they file a claim through their insurance company or the insurer of the motorist who was at-fault for causing the crash. However, if you live in Salt Lake City, you may or may not be aware of the Utah’s no-fault laws. This is where things tend to get a little sticky. Basically, what this means is that if another driver caused your accident and it was a minor one, your insurance company will pick up the costs for the damage and/or medical bills. And of course, this isn’t a guarantee that your policy will cover all of them.
But, what if it was a serious auto collision and you need more compensation? Well, according to Utah’s no-fault laws, the insurance company will pay at least $3,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) benefits but the no-fault coverage won’t pay for damage done to the vehicle. If your injuries have amounted to more than $3,000, Utah’s Insurance Code 31A-22-309 states that you can file a lawsuit against the reckless driver under certain circumstances. If you or a loved one sustained one or more of the following, you are then entitled to pursue the at-fault driver by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them.

  • The accident resulted in a death.
  • Dismemberment
  • Permanent disability
  • Permanent impairment
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Medical expenses to a person in excess of $3,000

Because of the strict laws and difficult process you are going to encounter if you decide to pursue a lawsuit for your accident, you are going to want to hire one of our local Salt Lake City accident and injury lawyers to help you with this.

How can I build a solid case when filing a personal injury lawsuit against another driver?

Whether you are a bicyclist or motorist, there are laws that you are required to abide by. If a driver or biker was negligent in some way or another, these laws can help you when filing an accident claim or lawsuit to help collect the compensation for the damages that amounted to more than $3,000. Are experienced and highly qualified accident lawyers in Salt Lake City, UT can also provide you with all the assistance you will need to help get your lawsuit filed.
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