Do I have to report my accident by law in the state of Utah?
You were involved in a traffic accident in West Valley City, Utah and you want to know whether or not you need to report your accident? Well, the answer depends on how serious the accident was, whether anyone was injured, and how much you think the damage might be worth. In order to save yourself from being sued by the other driver, it might be a wise idea to report the accident with authorities as well as with your insurance company, however, you also need to comply with Utah’s state traffic laws.
According to Utah’s Department of Public Safety, “Anytime there is a death, injuries, or total property damage to the apparent extent of $1,500 or more, a report is required.” Accident lawyers in West Valley City have handled cases where drivers neglected to file a report and have suffered the penalties for not abiding by state laws or taking the appropriate action to help them avoid being sued by the other driver.

Never Hit and Run After an Accident

A hit and run accident is when a driver or other individuals involved in an accident hits a vehicle or a person and flees the scene of the accident without stopping to ensure no damages or injuries were inflicted. It is against the law to engage in such an act in the state of Utah, however, many individuals do attempt to run and avoid being held responsible for causing an accident. Accident attorneys in West Valley City, UT are familiar with these types of cases as they sometimes come across their paths, however, there is still legal action that can be taken even if you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Why do drivers hit-and-run after an accident?

You are probably asking yourself this question if you were involved in a similar accident recently. It doesn’t make sense for someone to flee the scene after causing a crash where someone could potentially be injured or dead. However, as you know, many individuals are only looking out for their best interest and that is a common reason why hit-and-run accidents occur today.
Some factors that play a role in whether someone sticks around after an accident or runs away includes:

  • They aren’t carrying a valid driver’s license.
  • They are driving with a suspended license.
  • Perhaps they have a warrant out for their arrest.
  • Some might be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The driver may have borrowed the vehicle without permission from the owner and is fearful of what the repercussions will be for causing an accident.
  • They might be carrying something illegal and they don’t want police to become aware of what it is [].

And as you know, if someone causes an accident and one of the above factors applies to them, their consequences heighten in severity which is why they probably ran in the first place.
So, if you were recently involved in an accident and aren’t sure whether you should report it, use the state laws as a guideline and remember that there could be legal consequences that arise if you fail to file a report.
If you would like one of our accident lawyers in West Valley City, Utah to answer this question for you, give us a call now so we can connect you with a legal professional who will not only answer this question but address any other concerns you might have.