An accident attorney representing Marshall Patrick Harnden has filed a legal complaint alleging negligence which led to a car accident in 2013. The lawsuit names M & M America Inc. and Paul Glen Freeman as the defendants. It was filed in the Texarkana in the Eastern Parts of Texas state. It points at the defendants as being responsible for the accident and accuses them of professional negligence, as reported by

A tire explosion
As per the details provided in the court document, the incident occurred on the 9th of July 2013. Supposedly, Harnden was driving along in his motor car on US Interstate 30 and was travelling in an easterly direction. His car was right beside an M & M truck operated by Paul Glen Freeman when out of the blue, one of the tires of the truck exploded and the impact of the explosion caused substantial damages to Harnden’s car (a 2012 Toyota Camry) and also caused Harnden himself bodily injuries.
The lawsuit alleges that Freeman was driving in a reckless manner and should never have been travelling at speeds which would cause a tire to blow, furthermore, it accuses M & M America Inc. of hiring a reckless driver and allowing him to operate a huge truck without imparting satisfactory training and evaluation and also accuses the company of failing to maintain the vehicle in a reasonable manner.
The lawsuit seeks economic damages for damages to the car, lost wages, medical expense, legal attorney fee’s etc., and seeks non – economic damages for mental anguish, and pain and suffering.
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Woman from Galveston County files suit against alleged negligent driver in a car crash case
The plaintiff in the case has been listed in the lawsuit as Debbie Davidson, from Galveston County. The defendant according to court paperwork is Doris McCollum of Texas City. The lawsuit was filed by Davidson’s accident attorney in the Galveston County District Court on July 9th and it essentially claims that McCollum is guilty of vehicular negligence and seeks financial compensation for economic and non– economic damages, according to
On July 12th 2013, Davidson and another passenger named Edward Curtis were travelling west on Clear Lake City Boulevard when they were rear ended by Davidson’s car. Allegedly, Davidson did not keep a lookout, failed to give right of way, did not correctly apply brakes in a timely manner, and is therefore liable for the consequential damages. The lawsuit seeks over $200,000.
Auto accident and personal injury laws in Texas
Texas is a comparative fault state by law when it comes to matters of auto accidents. Unlike fault or no fault states, comparative fault calls for both or all parties involved in an accident to share the burden of the damages depending on how much they were at fault for causing the accident itself.
Therefore, if it is determined that driver A was at fault for the accident by 25% and driver B was at fault by 75%, then B shall pay 75% of the damages and A will be accountable for the remaining 25%. This is also why it is crucial to have an experienced and aggressive Texas accident attorney by your side during a car accident trial. The attorney will play a big role in determining who was at fault and will be able to prove the other driver’s negligence while explaining why your course of action was not faulty.

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