It has been just under 30 days since a car accident happened in Landover that sent six people to the hospitals. Sadly, one of the injured, 21 year old Zacuar Brenney Lattimore from Northeast Washington succumbed to her injuries, as reported by If her parents are looking for a Maryland accident attorney, there is not a better place to look than right here.
Authorities including investigators are yet to determine what exactly caused the accident. A car occupied by five persons including the driver had crashed in the crossing between Columbia Park Road and South Club Drive on the 7th of June. The decedent was one among the five occupants.

Three other occupants of the car suffered moderate non-life threatening injuries and are currently in the process of recuperating. A fourth occupant sustained rather serious injuries but is said to be in a stable condition as of now. The second car involved in the accident was occupied by just one person, the driver, who escaped without any injuries.
No explanation
As per witness reports, the car with the five occupants was travelling in a westerly direction on Columbia Park Road and just as it was nearing South Club Drive. For some unknown reason, the car veered off the center line and struck the second car in a head on collision.
Authorities have ruled out the involvement of drugs or alcohol as a factor in causing the accident. However, they are still unsure of what may have caused the sudden loss of control. They are requesting that anyone with any information please step forward and contact them. They want potential informants to reach out to the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Unit at (301) 731-4422.
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Thirty years after a dump truck accident, survivor meets and greets her rescuers
Nearly three decades ago, in November of 1986 to be somewhat precise, a car that was travelling on Good Luck Road in Riverdale near Landover was involved in an accident. It was struck by a dump truck carrying a load of hot asphalt. The car was occupied by three young teenage girls that were on their way home from Palloti High School, as reported by
The force of the impact killed two of three 17 year old girls. The only survivor was a girl named Lisa Beavers Hegewisch. Her life was saved on that day by quick acting, selfless heroic emergency rescue workers. Now, thirty years later, Hegewisch got the opportunity to meet them personally and show them her gratitude. This is long after she has needed a Maryland accident lawyer.
Maryland car accident laws and regulations
Maryland falls under the “fault” state category when it comes to auto accident claims. This essentially means that victims of car accidents that are looking to be compensated financial for the damages they have incurred due to a negligent driver may do so by filing a claim with the other driver or the other driver’s insurance company. However, it is not easy to prove fault.
You will require the services of an experienced Maryland accident attorney who will also know to file these claims within a maximum time period of three years from the date of the accident (as per Maryland’s statute of limitations). If there is any doubts on which accident attorney is best for you, those doubts have just been shattered. Here is the law firm you should call up:

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