Grand Rapids, MI – Every day, people utilize various types of vehicles for transportation, business, and recreation. All vehicles carry a risk of an accident and injuries, and victims will often have to deal with problems such as paying for medical treatment, lost wages and income, and making repairs. Regardless of the type of vehicle involved and who is at fault, an injury attorney from an experienced firm can meet with the victim about potentially filing a negligence lawsuit against the person or business responsible. If the case is successful, the victim will receive an amount of compensation that is sufficient to cover most or all of their losses. 

Various motor vehicles and the cause of an accident

Whether a victim is in a car, riding a motorcycle, driving a truck for commercial purposes, the process to bring a civil negligence case is similar. The person or business responsible can also be named as a defendant in a negligence case in all of these situations, with only some minor differences. In cases where a truck or commercial vehicle causes the accident, the parent company may be named as a defendant in addition to the individual driver. The negligence lawsuit will allege that the entity responsible for the collision violated the standard of care required on the roads, which led to the plaintiff’s injuries and losses. All elements of the negligence claim must be proven by the plaintiff in order to succeed. This type of case can be filed even if all parties involved have a relevant insurance policy and have filed claims related to the same incident. 

The victim’s losses and covering costs

In some cases, especially in severe accidents, the amount of money paid out by an insurance claim may not be sufficient for healthcare costs and lost income. The negligence case can add up all of these financial problems and argue that the defendant should pay them as a form of economic damages. 

There may also be additional damages available for emotional pain and suffering due to trauma and psychological issues caused by the accident. The case may end in a settlement agreement or jury verdict that compensates the victim an amount that is fair based on all of these factors combined. Each individual victim should get legal advice from an experienced lawyer to estimate their potential compensation. 

Scheduling a meeting with a local personal injury firm

Neumann Law Group is available to help people who have recently been involved in an accident in the Grand Rapids area. Potential clients can schedule a free consultation to speak with an experienced lawyer about bringing a lawsuit against the person responsible for their losses. 

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