San Antonio, TXCar accident victims may be suddenly left with large bills related to medical treatment and vehicle damage, as well as more financial losses caused by time away from their jobs. Anyone who finds that they are facing these kinds of problems will have to resort to getting legal help and filing a civil case to have a chance to cover these costs. There are some lawyers who have dedicated their careers to assisting people who find themselves in this situation. 

The most serious consequences of an accident

Some victims may find that they have a permanently reduced quality of life due to problems such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury, chronic back or neck pain, and organ damage. These issues are usually the result of a serious accident involving high speeds or large vehicles such as commercial trucks. A victim who is in a dire situations due to these issues should contact their insurance provider and file a claim, however the money paid out by an insurance claim may not be sufficient to cover long term medical assistance and lost income.  

Proving that the driver at fault was negligent 

A lawyer who works on motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases in Texas will need to prove that the driver responsible for the collision was negligent based on the state’s laws. Negligence is the legal term for a civil action that essentially says a person or entity violated their relevant duty of care, which caused various forms of harm to the victim. Negligence cases also allow the victim to collect damages, which is the term for the sum of their financial losses directly caused by the defendant’s behavior. 

Texas uses a modified form of the comparative negligence doctrine, which means that someone who is partially at fault for the accident can still collect damages, as long as they were not more at fault than the person they are suing. Comparative negligence is a way of dividing fault between all parties involved in the accident. If a plaintiff does prevail in a comparative negligence action where they are found to be partially at fault, the damage award will reflect a deduction that is based on their level of fault. An injury lawyer should always be consulted to receive more specific information about how these variables will play out in any given case. 

Learning more about personal injury law and remedies for victims

Anyone who has been involved in an accident in Texas has the ability to schedule a meeting with an injury attorney to discuss the possibility of a lawsuit. Begum Law Group is a respected firm in the San Antonio area that has successfully helped thousands of clients over the years. 

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