Fatal Traffic Collision Closes La Mesa Road in Victorville, California

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (VVNG.com) — A devastating head-on collision early Monday morning, August 14, 2023, has resulted in a fatality and forced a hard closure of La Mesa Road in Victorville, California. The incident involved two vehicles and left two additional patients airlifted to trauma centers.

The traffic collision occurred at about 2:34 am between Amethyst Road and Wagon Wheel Drive, leaving the area closed for several hours. As of 6:30 am, La Mesa Road remained closed in both directions between Pacoima and Amethyst Roads.

The Vehicles Involved

The collision involved a dark-colored Toyota minivan and a white four-door sedan. Both vehicles sustained significant front-end damage, blocking the eastbound lanes.

Casualties and Response

Victorville City Fire responded to the collision promptly. One person was pronounced deceased at the scene, while two others were airlifted to out-of-area trauma centers. The immediate response by emergency services helped prevent further casualties.


The cause of the collision is currently under investigation by the Victorville Police Department. More information will be provided as the investigation progresses, and additional details become available. Experts may be called upon to reconstruct the accident, determine fault, and assess any contributing factors.

Road Safety Concerns

The fatal incident raises further concerns about road safety and highlights the necessity of strict adherence to traffic rules and regulations. It also emphasizes the importance of vigilant law enforcement and public awareness to prevent such tragic events.

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