Accident victims often develop anxiety issues or PTSD.
Miami-Dade, FL-Traffic accident victims don’t just bear the physical scars of their crash; they are also left psychological scars. Overcoming the trauma of an accident can be difficult, but a recent study discovered a tool that can improve a victim’s psychological state: Tetris!
Tetris is a wildly popular game that came out in 1989.  It’s a game for non-gamers, challenging the player to match tiles to collapse lines and earn points. It can be a mesmerizing game that holds the player’s attention for long periods.
The ability to disconnect is what benefits accident and trauma victims, according to a new study conducted by researchers in the U.K. and Sweden. The study noted that when someone is traumatized, they think about the incident repeatedly, reliving the sights and sounds of their crash. Those intrusive thoughts and the reliving of traumatic events is “core clinical feature” of PTSD researchers for the study said.
Trauma victims experience those intrusive thoughts frequently in the days and months following their accident. Psychologists believe that if a victim can keep these memories from intruding, they can recover from their emotional scars much sooner.
The video game Tetris helps accident victims with their psychological recovery.
For the study, researchers examined 71 people who were taken to the hospital following a collision. All the victims were asked to recall some of their memories of their accident. Then, one control group was asked to fill out a log of what they had experienced since coming to the hospital, and the other was asked to play 20 minutes of Tetris.
According to NPR, the control group that played Tetris experienced “fewer intrusive memories” and their “bad memories diminished quicker” than the group asked to fill out the activity log. That’s promising news and could be crucial to developing future treatments for trauma victims.
Emotional Trauma from Traffic Accidents
Traffic crashes can be very violent, so it’s not a surprise that it impacts the mental health of an accident victim. Some of the psychological effects of traffic accidents include:
Emotional withdrawal
If you are struggling after your crash, notify your doctor and seek a professional to help you conquer the anxiety and emotional distress you’re feeling.  Each victim of traffic crashes reacts differently to trauma, so not all of them are left with the emotional scars, but the ones who do feel the psychological impact of their collision can seek compensation for their mental anguish.
If you have PTSD or other mental trauma resulting from a crash or other accident, can connect you with an accident lawyer in Miami-Dade County. Our team of injury lawyers in Florida understands how emotionally devastating a car accident can be and what it takes to get you the justice you deserve. Call one of our team today and set up a consultation.

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