Getting Treatment After an Accident
In most accidents such as automobile crashes and slip and falls, it is common for those involved to experience a delay in injuries. Sometimes, the spinal cord may have sustained some sort of damage and the symptoms don’t set it until a few days later. That is when you are probably wondering whether you actually did sustain an injury or if your body is just sore from the impact.
The best thing you can do is seek treatment from your local family physician or go to the emergency room if you feel you are suffering from something that could potentially be life-threatening. Accident lawyers in Hampton, Virginia suggest that it is best to have yourself evaluated by a hospital health care worker or someone in the medical field right after an accident occurred to ensure you didn’t suffer any injuries, however, some put off doing so until they actually come face to face with pain and discomfort.
Now, if it has been a day or so after your accident and you are concerned that you may be suffering from a potential injury and wish to receive medical attention, you can schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or as mentioned, go to your local emergency room.

When is a hospital ER department required treat me?

Under certain circumstances will an emergency room provide you with care and not require you to pay for your treatment up front. The federal law that prevents a hospital that provides ER services from forcing you to pay before rendering treatment is the Emergency Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). It was established back in 1986 and applies to hospitals that participate in Medicare, which is majority of the hospitals located throughout the state of Virginia. Bear in mind, however, that the law doesn’t apply to hospital outpatient clinics that do not service those suffering from a medical emergency.
According to, an emergency room is required to provide you with screening, emergency care, and appropriate transfers. The hospital is obligated to provide you with “stabilizing care” without asking you how you are going to pay before they proceed with the care. But, if you aren’t experiencing a medical emergency, the hospital is not required to take you in for treatment without having you pay up front or asking you how you will pay. And in majority of hospitals, you are asked ahead of time as to what your form of payment is going to be before you are seen by the on-duty doctor.
It can be especially difficult for those who don’t have insurance and aren’t suffering from a medical emergency to seek treatment for their injuries after an accident without having to pay up front. If this is something you are currently going through, we want to help you get in contact with a local Hampton, Virginia accident attorney who can provide you with further advice on what you can do so that your injuries aren’t left untreated.

If you are looking for a local emergency room in Hampton, VA, some local listings provided by Google are presented below:

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