Was your child recently involved in an auto accident in Portsmouth, VA? Did you recently engage in a truck accident and you are now suffering from serious injuries? After engaging in an accident, it is common for an accident victim to receive medical attention from a local hospital. To help you locate some nearby hospitals, we have provided a list below for you with some of the local hospitals in or near Portsmouth, VA.

Hospitals in Portsmouth, Virginia

Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center
3636 High Street
Portsmouth, VA 23707
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth( Provides care to past and present military members and their families.)
620 John Paul Jones Circle
Portsmouth, VA 23708
Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughter
601 Children’s Lane
Norfolk, VA
Sentara Norfolk Hospital
600 Gresham Drive
Norfolk, VA 23507
If you have already received the initial medical treatment you needed but are now looking for a physical therapist to help get you back on your feet, below are a few locations that provide these types of services. Keep in mind that you should conduct some research on your own to learn about the type of care provided and the quality of it. You can read other patient reviews and even ask one of our accident and injury lawyers in Portsmouth, VA as they sometimes work closely with certain professionals and may be able to recommend you to someone.

Physical Therapy Facilities in Portsmouth, Virginia

Sentara Therapy Center
4201 Greenwood Drive
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Bon Secours in Motion at Portsmouth Boulevard
5553 Portsmouth Blvd.
Portsmouth, VA 23701
Dominion Physical Therapy & Associates
500 Rodman Ave #4
Portsmouth, VA 23707
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  • Work-related accidents

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Do you know how much your accident injuries are worth?

One of the reasons why we highly recommend that you consult with a local Portsmouth, VA accident and injury lawyer is because they can provide you with an estimate as to how much you are entitled to collect. They can also explain the different ways you can collect this compensation that will allow you to afford your medical expenses and provide you with some financial support for the pain and suffering you have had to endure.
Upon working with one of our knowledgeable Portsmouth, VA accident and injury lawyers, you will become informed on what your rights are and who you can hold accountable to provide you with the compensation you are worthy of receiving. If you are ready to find an attorney in your area, call us up now.