What should I do if a driver hits me while I am walking?
You are going to want to react to the situation in the same manner as you would if you were involved in an automobile accident. Assume that you are one mode of transportation and the vehicle is the other mode of transportation that hit you. And if you are able to, try and do the following after being hit by a negligent driver:

  1. Call the police.
  2. Write down important information including the driver’s name, their license plate number, phone number, and insurance information.
  3. Take photos of the scene of the accident or have a witness do it for you.
  4. Take note of witness information as well including their name and phone number. You may need to get in contact with them later on as your case develops so be sure to obtain this information.
  5. Take photos of your injuries. You want to be able to have this as evidence handy for your case. And if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, your Roanoke, Virginia accident attorney will definitely be able to use these photos to help support your case.
  6. Seek medical treatment. It is important that you have a doctor at a hospital or even a local urgent care center assess your injuries, no matter how minor you may think they are. Many victims wait to have their injuries assessed which could affect the outcome of their case. If your injuries weren’t severe enough to even get checked out, the insurance company may question whether the accident even caused them.
  7. Get your free consultation scheduled with one of our Roanoke, VA accident lawyers. It can’t hurt to sit down with a lawyer who is familiar with current accident laws and what rights you hold as an accident victim. Our attorneys are capable of providing you with helpful information that you are going to need to get through this unfortunate circumstance.

Pedestrians become victims to vehicular accidents on a regular basis and sadly, many suffer from harsh injuries as a result of the accident. The fact is, a pedestrian accident can occur anywhere, and at any time of the day. Perhaps you were walking your child to school or simply going for a leisurely walk to get some fresh air. While you may have been complying with the laws set forth in the state of Virginia, if another driver failed to do so, they should be held accountable for their reckless actions.
As a pedestrian in the state of Virginia, it is important for you to become aware of the laws that apply to you as well as the laws that apply to those operating a vehicle or even a bicycle as they will play a role when it comes time for you to be awarded compensation for your damages.
To read in depth about some of Virginia’s state laws that apply to both pedestrians and drivers, click here. If you would like assistance with finding a nearby accident lawyer in the city of Roanoke, VA who specializes in personal injury matters, USAttorneys.com will gladly work with you until you find an attorney who is suitable to take on your case.