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When you are hurt in an accident, you have a lot to think about and figure out. One of the main concerns of accident victims is cost, and many victims wonder how they are going to afford their medical bills and other expenses they incur because of an accident. Injuries and property damages associated with an accident can be costly and determining the value of your claim can be complicated.
Costs of Traffic Accidents in Virginia
Data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that approximately 30,000 people are killed in traffic accidents each year. Those accidents add up, and victims have tremendous losses due to medical expenses and lost productivity.
In Virginia, 700 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2014, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports. Overall, fatal traffic accidents in Virginia cost $949 million a year. Medical expenses account for $9 million of crash-related expenses and $938 million in work-loss expenses. The following are the costs for different types of traffic accidents in Virginia based on data from the CDC:
Auto accidents: $219 million
Motorcycle accidents: $115 million
Pedestrians: $103 million
Bicyclists: $10 million.
What is the Value of My Accident Claim
No accident lawyer in Virginia Beach can give you an exact value of your injury claim because no two accidents are alike. However, an attorney to give you their best estimate based on your financial losses and mental distress. You might be eligible for these types of compensation depending on the details of your accident:
Medical expenses
Property Damage
Emotional damages
Lost wages
Punitive damages
Above are the general damages awarded in accident cases, but not all victims will receive compensation for each of those categories. The types of compensation a victim receives depends on the severity of the victim’s injuries, the actions of the at-fault party and their level of negligence. You can maximize the value of your accident claim by retaining an accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
If you have been in an accident and haven’t seen a doctor yet, you need to immediately. Below are some hospitals in the Virginia Beach area:
Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
1060 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
VA Beach Gen Hospital
1060 First Colonial Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Nowcare Urgent Care
1168 First Colonial Road #100, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Why Do I Need an Accident Lawyer?
If you are like most accident victims, you might be wondering: Why do I to need to retain a lawyer? Why can’t I be in charge of negotiations? You can be smart and knowledgeable, but that doesn’t mean you can handle settlement negotiations. It takes skill and experience to negotiate with an insurance company that has an army of attorneys whose main objective is to limit their employer’s liability and keeps your payout low.  You need someone on your side who knows the value of your claim and has plenty of experience negotiating with insurance adjusters and their legal team. has a network of accident lawyers in Virginia who are compassionate, knowledgeable and tenacious. We recommend you set up a consultation with one of our lawyers to talk about our case.


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