Sabrina Martin in her lawsuit claims that negligence on the part of community center and its employee’s caused her accident which resulted in her having to get a surgery for a broken hip. According to the lawsuit filed by her accident attorney, Martin was playing pickleballat a community center in Federal Way when she stepped on a sticky spot and slipped.

Martin and her accident attorney claim that her medical bills from the accident exceeded $65,000. She had originally asked for $450,000 in compensation but was given $125,000 when the defendants were able to point out that the accident was at least in part her own negligence. The Federal Way City Council voted unanimously to approve the settlement.
Only in America can someone be rewarded for being indifferent and clumsy.
One dead and one injured in accident two miles northeast of Shelton
53-year old woman Andrea Tyrone has passed away in an accident that occurred on Johns Prairie Road on Monday at 5:31 pm.
The other driver involved in the head-on crash has been hospitalized. A witness, who was on the phone with 911 when the crash occurred, described the deceased driver’s driving as erratic. The witness had initially called in to report the erratic driving and speeding but it proved to be too little too late. The woman succumbed to her injuries while authorities were attempting to transport her to Harborview Medical Center.
A sheriff’s deputy arrived shortly after the crash and assisted a US army medic who already happened to be in the area. Both the deputy and the medic administered first-aid until Fire Rescue Aid arrived.
The other driver has been identified as 47-year-old Brian Phipps of Shelton who was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center.
Seattle authorities claim they were helpless in decongesting traffic
The city of Seattle remained gridlocked for several hours after a truck full of frozen fish overturned on highway 99. The mayor and other leaders claimed there was virtually nothing they could have done to alleviate the congestion.
SDOT director Scott Kubly said they were unable to move the huge container on its side as they would risk causing serious damage to the asphalt and the road, he added that there was a real risk of the container rupturing which would have caused the entire highway to be flooded in frozen fish, which he claims would have taken much longer to clean up. The director also claimed that adding to the city’s traffic woes was the fact that there were three more accidents in different parts of Seattle on the same day and they all compounded the problem.
If Seattle built more freeways rather than paying so many people not to work and implementing lavish social programs perhaps there would be more productivity in this city and not so many traffic issues.
High-impact three car crash in Seattle injures 4
A major crash involving three different cars occurred on Monday night and completely gridlocked Rainier Avenue South at 84th Avenue for hours.
Fire-fighters that arrived on scene reported that all three cars were severely wrecked while four people had to be hospitalized. Two victims were seriously injured and the other two sustained non-life threatening injuries. The impact of the crash was so incredible that some of the debris landed on the roof of one of the nearby houses.
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