Two people, Taylor Cohen, 25, and Jake Tublin, 23, were seriously injured when the 2015 Nissan Sentra driven by Cohen crashed into a tree at the intersection of Greentree Road and Greenview Drive. Police are still investigating the cause of the single vehicle crash.

Possible distracted driving
At present, police have said that there were no signs of alcohol or drug use. They also said that Cohen was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and sustained more serious injuries than her passenger who was wearing a seatbelt. Police have said that they will have to investigate and determine if a distracted driver was a possible reason for the crash.
The accident occurred at 1 am and the road was blocked for about two-and-a-half hours during the investigation. Both the injured have been taken to Cooper Hospital in Camden by ambulance.
One vehicle pulled up to the site of the crash after the accident, but there are no known witnesses to the actual crash. The police conclude that Cohen lost control of the car as she negotiated the curve, but have yet to determine why she lost control.
According to the reporter who reached the damaged car before the police and emergency responders, there was smoke coming from the badly mangled car which was in the middle of the poorly lit road. When she reached the car, there was loud music coming from it. The reporter than reached into the car through a broken side window and switched it off in order to tray and talk to the two unconscious people in it.
Super loud music
The reporter describes the music as blaring and says it was so loud that she was unable to hear a neighbor who also arrived at the accident scene before the emergency responders. The car was locked from inside and both the people inside were unconscious when the reporter reached the accident scene on her way home.
As police are still investigating the accident and its cause, they have not yet filed any charges.
Need for legal representation
When a single vehicle crash occurs, there is need for the injured and the driver to immediately seek legal representation. A single vehicle accident can be caused by various factors such as poor road conditions, distracted driver, drunk or impaired driver, and vehicle fault. The liability and charges for the accident will be determined based on the cause of the accident.
A faulty vehicle could be blamed on the manufacturer or the mechanic who serviced it. On the other hand, if the accident was caused by poor road conditions such as inadequate lighting or improperly graded roads, then the authorities responsible for maintaining the road can be held liable for the accident.
An incredible source
Only an experienced accident attorney will be able to go through the accident report and the police conclusions and identify whether the determination of fault is correct. If you or a near one has been accused of distracted driving leading to a vehicle accident, you need to immediately retain a lawyer using who will be able to defend you after examining the evidence.

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