What happens if a defective machine is to blame for my injury? Can I take legal action against the manufacturer?
Yes, you may be able to file a third-party claim in the city of Bellingham, WA if it can be proven that the machine was in fact defective. Some ways this can be established is by:

  • Checking maintenance documents that indicate the last time it was inspected and how often it receives maintenance.
  • Determining if the reports from the inspection indicate whether it was in good working condition or not. If it wasn’t and it was still provided to you for use, this may help prove the machine was actually defective.
  • Whether the machine was manufactured with a defect and still sold to your employer for workers to use.

Now, while you may be under the impression that you can only hold the manufacturer responsible for the accident that has transpired, there might be other parties responsible as well. OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and your Bellingham, WA accident attorney can investigate who these other potential parties might be may and whether there is evidence that proves they contributed to this accident occurring.
Some of these other responsible parties might include:

  1. Your employer. If your employer allowed you to go out into the field operating this defective or unmaintained equipment and didn’t take the necessary action to either fix it or replace it, then a claim may be brought against them. This claim is usually filed in the form of a workers’ compensation claim and given that your employer is insured, their insurance company would provide you with the necessary compensation to cover your medical expenses.


  1. Construction engineers. Sometimes construction engineers are responsible for inspecting equipment and ensuring that it works properly and is free from defects. If they fail to do this, based on their employment agreement they have with your employer, they may be personally held liable for your injuries as well.

Because there is so much that goes into personal injury cases and the evidence to prove the injury was caused by the negligence of another party, we suggest you enlist the help of an accident and injury lawyer recommended right here on our site.
Our agents here at USAtttorneys.com can also assist you in finding a legal representative in the city of Bellingham, Washington. We work closely with some of the most reliable and dedicated accident attorneys in the field and would be happy to get you paired up with one.

Contacting OSHA in Washington

As mentioned previously, OSHA is also a department you and your accident lawyer may want to contact as they might assist you in the process of identifying potentially liable parties and holding them responsible for your accident as well as the injuries you sustained.
The OSHA office located in the city of Bellingham is located at:
520 – 112th Avenue NE, Suite 200
Bellevue, Washington 98004
They may be of some assistance if your accident falls under their jurisdiction to investigate.