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If you were involved in a bus accident with a Metro Bus in King County, there are certain steps you can take to file a claim for the damages you incurred.

  1. The first thing to do is complete the Claim for Damages This will contain important information about your loss.
  2. Be sure you sign and date the form. You can either mail it or hand deliver it to the following address between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

King County Clerk of the Council
King county Courthouse
Room W-1200
516 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

  1. After you submit your Claims for Damages form, a number will be assigned to your claim
  2. It will then be delivers to the Office of Risk Management.
  3. Your claim will then be assigned to an investigator who will contact you.
  4. Your investigator may require you to submit further information that will help support your claim if they feel it is necessary.
  5. Your claim will be evaluated and have one of three outcomes:
  • A sum of money will be paid out.
  • The claim will be transferred to a different party or entity that is responsible for your damages.
  • The claim is denied as there is a lack of evidence.

If you were involved in a Metro Bus accident in Seattle and have been denied damages for the injuries you sustained while riding the vehicle, your next step should be to contact us at We will connect you with a team of reputable accident lawyers in Seattle to further investigate your claim and decide how to go about collecting the compensation you are due.
Understanding Bus Accidents
Bus accidents are only one type of motor vehicle accident that occurs in Seattle, Washington. There are various ways a person can engage in an accident with a bus and some include:

  • A pedestrian who was crossing the street and hit by a bus.
  • A motorist of a car or truck who collided with a bus.
  • The passengers on a bus who are involved in an accident and sustain injuries.
  • Passengers who might slip or trip on the bus while boarding or disembarking the bus.

What Might I be Entitled to Receive as an Accident Victim in Seattle, Washington?
While each type of accident varies and depends on the loss incurred, you can expect to collect compensation for medical bills that accrued from the injuries sustained, money to cover the loss of wages you may have experienced, and the pain and suffering you endured. To gain a better understanding of what you might be eligible to receive, you first need to have a Seattle accident lawyer review all of the details of your case. From there they can better provide you with an estimate of what you might be able to fight for in terms of financial support.
If you wish to connect with a legal representative now, will be more then willing to help you find a professional in the area. Give us a call so we can find you the perfect accident attorney in Seattle to assist with your claim.

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